Happy Mother’s Day


My mom at nineteen.


Goodbye, Tito Pepe


Long before Tito, Vic and Joey (Eat Bulaga) and the controversial Willie Revillame, the TV game show  genre was lorded over by Pepe Pimentel (or Tito Pepe to us 70s and 80s kids). His show was named Kwarta O Kahon and the mechanics were pretty straightforward–you just have to choose between the cash offered by Tito Pepe or the mysterious box that could contain something far more valuable than the cash or something trivial such as a pair of chopsticks.

Similar to today’s game shows, there were pretty lady co-hosts and some singing and dancing but nothing overtly sexual (walang Spaghetti na pababa!).  Tito Pepe also did not resort to making the contestants cry while narrating their sob stories and there were no scandals during his day.  Although he always portrayed himself as the ever-suffering victim of his monster mother-in-law, I read somewhere that he had a very good relationship with his mother-in-law in real life.

Yesterday the news broke out that Tito Pepe was found unconscious in his bathroom with a wound to his head. He was later pronounced dead although doctors were still trying to determine if cause of death was the head injury (perhaps he slipped and bumped his head) or a heart attack.  Although Tito Pepe has been out of the limelight in the last few years the news still made me sad because another icon from my childhood is gone.

Goodbye, Tito Pepe.  Have fun in the afterlife.  Maybe there the kahon will always have the jackpot.

*photo from video48.blogspot.com



Lunch today was at the newly opened TWG tea place in Greenbelt 5. Ang masasabi ko lang ay SUSHALA ito!

It was a bit dyahe to take pictures of the interiors (madaming mga doña sa ibang tables hihihi!) but everything was so shiny–from the tea canisters to the display cases and the chrome (???) details on the counters and walls. The piped in music was waltzy-type so it really felt like you were having high tea somewhere klazz in Europe.

As expected there was a very wide (more than a hundred!) selection of tea but to make life simple I ordered the most appropriate for me–Sexy Tea! I had it cold and the hints of lemon and orange made it so refreshing!  Aylavit!


I ordered the Wagyu burger with truffle fries on the side. The burger was so tender and the fries were so good!


For dessert we ordered several different pastries and the best one for me was the Strawberry Surprise (it’s the one that looks like a bun the lower tray).  It’s filled with a mildly sweet cream with bits of strawberries.


Here’s my share of the dessert (hello insulin shots!)


Loved the experience. I’ll be back for more kasosyalan!!!

Wheels up!

I’ve always wanted to say that.  I usually hear it on Criminal Minds when Agent Aaron Hotchner tells his team that they’ll be taking their plane to go on a mission in a faraway location–as in “We’re flying to LA.  Wheels up in 30”.  Wow, sounds cool to me.

So in the absence of any adventure that will involve crime-solving, I will just blog about everyday things that will be interesting enough for me to write about.  Operative word:  ME.  I won’t promise that I will blog everyday (and probably not even regularly) as I have so many other things to do (Gahd!  Creating a blog is actually the last thing I need right now!) but I just want to try this out and see where this leads to.

Wheels up!