Monthly Archives: May 2013


Found this picture last night and posted it on Instagram and Facebook for #throwbackthursday (note that the picture must have been taken at least 5 years ago to qualify).  Please indulge me by letting me say–ANG CUTE KO!

Nursery Pic

Note the proliferation of fine baby hair on my forehead, the messy half-ponytail and the defined eyebrows.  Cuteness overload (ok, I’ll stop here na).


Good Earth is good!


I am more of a hot-cocoa-with-marshmallows type of girl so I’ve never favored any particular coffee or tea brand.  But that was until somebody gifted me with a box of Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea last Christmas.  It has a very strong spicy scent but it tastes really good!  It’s especially soothing when you have a sore throat or you need to calm down an upset tummy.  When my stash was down to the last couple of sachets I started to panic because I couldn’t find the same brand in the supermarket.  Fortunately another friend found it in Healthy Options.  Other flavors are lemongrass (pass!), superfruit, and vanilla.  It’s Php350 for a box of 25 sachets.  Try it!