Lunch today was at the newly opened TWG tea place in Greenbelt 5. Ang masasabi ko lang ay SUSHALA ito!

It was a bit dyahe to take pictures of the interiors (madaming mga doña sa ibang tables hihihi!) but everything was so shiny–from the tea canisters to the display cases and the chrome (???) details on the counters and walls. The piped in music was waltzy-type so it really felt like you were having high tea somewhere klazz in Europe.

As expected there was a very wide (more than a hundred!) selection of tea but to make life simple I ordered the most appropriate for me–Sexy Tea! I had it cold and the hints of lemon and orange made it so refreshing!  Aylavit!


I ordered the Wagyu burger with truffle fries on the side. The burger was so tender and the fries were so good!


For dessert we ordered several different pastries and the best one for me was the Strawberry Surprise (it’s the one that looks like a bun the lower tray).  It’s filled with a mildly sweet cream with bits of strawberries.


Here’s my share of the dessert (hello insulin shots!)


Loved the experience. I’ll be back for more kasosyalan!!!


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